felinna nadea ed fattah

felinna nadea ed fattah
Insan yg malu dengan diri sendiri dan berusaha utk menjadi yg lebih baik lagi..memilih utk berada lebih dekat dengan ALLAH,Meminjam seketika kesenangan dunia dan berimpian utk berkongsi bersama semua...

Sunday, 19 June 2011

Am I strong enough to fight?

sometimes.. I wonder how strong Allah thinks i am
for putting me through all this......

ya i admit that life is a fact that dreams do come true BUT only if you believe n stay strong.....

sumtims I also feel down....
hate that mood where i just feel upset for no reason....

Don't you hate it when someone asks you if your okay when clearly ur not ? 
well said...Nothing is easy in life aite?
Even lying and stealing isn't that easy kan?..
yah sometimes I didn't show emotions n tryin to hide it,
don't know why!! Myb didn't wanna feel the pain inside n stay positive even tpksa menipu,I guess lah.. (sgtlah Pretending) ...

 dear heart!! yes u r tryin harder to b urself n to be the person everyone loves, but if some hated you anyway, it's ok no regret pls.., BUT rmmber no one live without a single hater ok...let them b let Allah judge... Amin.

notes to myself: Today : 
hey felinna nadea!! Be happy!
Tomorrow : Be Happy!
Everyday : Be Happy!