felinna nadea ed fattah

felinna nadea ed fattah
Insan yg malu dengan diri sendiri dan berusaha utk menjadi yg lebih baik lagi..memilih utk berada lebih dekat dengan ALLAH,Meminjam seketika kesenangan dunia dan berimpian utk berkongsi bersama semua...

Thursday, 24 February 2011

secret that has led me to my goal :

If you are born poor it’s not your mistake
but if you die poor its definitely your mistake – Bill Gates.
ouh this saying make me feel so passionate ok! everday will read it again n again till i burning up n go find my way!

 10 secret that has led me to my goal :
1) positive 
2) passion
3) smile when im sad
4) pleased everybody around
5) forgive nor forget
6) bring all my heart wherever i go
7) except all da critics n fix it
8) always remember im not perfect
9) wake up quickly when im really down
10) thnkful that im still alive n pray

for me, life is always short!Don’t give up.. Give your dreams your best shot if you want to make them REAL! just Pray and believe in yourself guys..if you want to achieve something. you have to have a tough heart!wahh yala2 i ngaku i also cried n also down when havin too much thing to think.. but quickly lah wakeup..Your goals r ur own. Don’t let people that say “you can’t” cloud ur judgement.
remember! People who follow other peoples steps, will never be in front...opss but if that people really successful than dont b ego lah.. try to understand n folllow but keep on careful with all ur step deary!
When you’re life is set on something, Don’t give up keep going. Don’t think about the past just focus on your future....do it!! go go goooooo

allah,rasul,family and bff and friends n supporters also help me alot thnks 4 that....